Monday, November 16, 2009

The Zoe Effect

One of my guilty pleasures is watching QVC or the Home Shopping Network. I can't help but indulge in the beauty demonstrations and friendly hosts. Although I tend to hide my sad little addiction, there was one QVC line that I was proud to tune in for: Rachel Zoe. Albeit a tad overpriced for something I can't try on before I buy, Zoe's line is filled with beautiful and opulent jewels, faux fur and fabulosity. I fell in love when I saw this cocktail ring, and knew that it had to be a part of my collection. After a month of contemplating, I finally gave in and purchased it. It looks like an amazing estate piece, yet is so easily accessible. I am so excited for it to arrive, and to wear it to lots of holiday celebrations. Buy it here.

You're Blushing

In my last post, I highlighted the amazing Uncrate website for all things cool and guy related. Soon after, my boyfriend and I made another discovery. The same people that created Uncrate have come up with a female counterpart: Outblush. Think of it as a few of your best friends with all the shopping advice in the world...or internet. The lovely ladies of outblush highlight the best on the web ranging from home decor, to fashion, and even delicious food. Another favorite feature? Doubtblush, where the editors discuss some of the 'wtf' products available online. Be sure to check this out, and be prepared to waste hours upon hours craving everything on the site.