Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Dane

My boyfriend- embarrassed to be seen there!

Last night me and my boyfriend went to see Dane Cook at the Staples Center. Although I have enjoyed some of this other stuff more, it was a good show. We had amazing seats, thanks to my uncle, and overall, had a really good time. Having said this, the Dane Cook fan is a scary sight. I enjoy his stuff, but the majority of his fans that were there last night were horrific looking. DEAR LORD. Every douchebag in LA came out of the woodwork for this show. We are talking about affliction graphic tees everywhere you looked, with enough Ed Hardy to blanket the greater Los Angeles area. I do believe this is what hell will be like. The girls weren't exactly "natural" beauties, if you catch my drift. The picture here is basically what every girl looked like. Scary, I know. The man in the picture below is a compilation I made, of the Dane Cook fan we saw a lot of last night. Guido hair, sculpted facial hair, graphic tee and embellished jeans. A real class act. Just had to report to you on the scary world of douchebag fashion. It was too good to not tell you about!

Dane Cook's female fan:

Dane Cook's male fan:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forget what they say...

Forget what they say.

I am a girl who lives in black. These items are my current lusts: 
Studded clutch (how cliche of me...again with the studs!)

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm a Motherlover, You're a Motherlover

Hellooooo all! I have been playing around with the whole DIY jewelry thing, and have come to the conclusion that I can rock when it comes to anything with chains, charms, and jump rings (I put clasps on everything I make)...but I suck with anything string related! I just made these and know I will be wearing them a ton. The first was this GORGEOUS geode thing- I have no clue what type of stone it is, but I am in love with it. It is an amazing periwinkle color, and looks as if it were torn from a huge rock. There is a ton of texture to it. The next necklace I made has a peace sign and  an elephant on it...I love elephants! I bought some other charms, and stones, so when I make those, I will let you know. Let me know if you want me to make you something, and if I have enough requests, I will set up an Etsy account for them. 

The title is sort of random, but I can't get that song out of my head! Check it out here!

Adventures in Target!

I think the best invention next to toilet paper is target. That place has EVERYTHING! If the world comes to an end...that is where you will find me! I recently went to the magical superstore to pick up a few household items, and ended up making some personal pampering purchases (say that 10 times fast)! The first picture isn't of a purchase...just the view from my corner, on the way to 'tarjey'. Can you spot the hollywood sign? YAY! You Found it! hahah!  So down to the good stuff: 2 adorable nail polishes in fun colors- perfect for toes and fingers of the daring! The neon green comes out looking like a highlighter, but I am okay with that. The Mediterranean body scrub was one I had seen in the shower before, but that was because my old roommate owned it. She loved it, so I thought 'why not?'- it's delicious! Exfoliated so well, and preps my skin for going to the Bahamas (not actually going to the Bahamas, but that's what I call it when I use self tanning lotion)! 

Now, if you'll excuse me I have a date with some Jergens tanning lotion... 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Like A Circus

CreditVanity Fair February 2009 (not sure which country's Vanity Fair it was)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here Comes The Bride....and the graduate! *update*

Since the last post, I have realized that this dress that I am going to buy for the wedding in July, should serve more than one purpose. I am going to wear the same dress to my college graduation! Fortunately for me, I go to a fashion school, so I am pretty sure we can wear whatever our hearts desire. In addition to the dress in my last post, I also love these dresses. My absolute favorite is #2. It is the Whitney long chiffon dress from J Crew, and can be found here. #3 is the Jenny Wrap Dress by Diane von Furstenberg. The print is vintage, but the dress is new. I love this dress. probably not for this occasion, but just for life! When it eventually goes on's mine! Lastly is numero uno, the Ascend Dress, from anthropologie. I like the slightly bohemian vibe, and it strikes me as appropriate for both occasions. Now it's your turn to give your say! What do you think? 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Here Comes The Bride

So, I am going to a wedding in Nebraska this summer, and was told it was semi casual. Now I don't know if that means semi formal (being that I have not seen the official invite, and was casually told by my boyfriend). So far, my favorite option is this dress by Matty M. Opinions? Better options? What are your favorite dresses out there right now?  Thanks loves! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

It's a common theory that many people will end up in a relationship with someone much like a parent of theirs. I always swore to myself that this would not be the case. Enter the love of my life: a film student (check) who loves star trek (check) and at times wears the same type of sneakers as my dear old dad. With two men in my life that love the USS Enterprise, right now I can't avoid the subject! I figure, if you can't beat 'em...join 'em! I don't know if I can stomach a Deep Space Nine marathon, but I can certainly enjoy some space worthy shopping. A pair of pants that are definitely deserving of a space age award, are these Bandage Silk leggings from Pixie Market. You can also find a pair with the same effect at American Apparel. Next up is a bodysuit that would look fitting outside of our atmosphere, also from AA. Being the beauty addict that I am, I needed to include Too Faced's Galaxy Glam eye shadow. It looks like a planet, so how could I not? The stellar ring is by Alex and Ani, and can be found on shopbop. As soon as I saw this blue cape from Pixie Market, I knew that it was perfect for this story. It doesn't get much more spacey that that! Oh does! Last and definitely not least is the silver sequin jacket from Pixie Market. It comes with a detachable zip cap/face flap hood. I think it would be perfect for throwing on before taking a moon walk. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go buy tickets for the afternoon showing of Star Trek.

Adventures in DIY!

I had the day free today, and decided to get crafty! I headed over to Kit Kraft in Studio City, because I knew they would have everything I needed. That place is amazing! It's so easy to blow money there! Anyhoo, I bought supplies to may some DIY bracelets- something I had been wanting to do, when my friend Marisa made a post about it! I ended up making 2 bracelets with chains in them- and even added clasps so I won't destroy them by wearing 'em in the shower. Of course I was mainly going to Kit Kraft to pick up my studs- the selection was pretty sweet, but I think you can get better deals online. I'll be doing that next time. I bought 2 bags of big studs and two of little guys- the little ones are going to be for that jacket/vest project. All that's left is to try the big studs on my cap and gown (which I picked up today)! I think it's pretty awesome that I will be graduating in the Staples Center! w00t! Watch out world, here I come! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking It Into My Own Hands...

Tomorrow I will be picking up my cap and gown for my college graduation, and we were told we could do anything we like to decorate them. Hooray! So what else would yours truly do? STUD IT of course! That's right- I am going to stud my cap and a bit of my gown! I am going to try and get studs and a stud gun tomorrow, and start playing around with it. Also, at the internship today, our story featured this amazing Levis studded vest.  I had seen it in the office a few weeks ago, and just about keeled over with excitement. I am going to attempt to stud a fabulous vest as soon as I can. Right now I have so many DIY projects that I want to do! I will be sure to show you what I come up with!

Photo Credit: Who What Wear

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crazy About: DVF

Despite the fact that it's been quite a long time since the spring collections came out, I find the hippie in me keeps finding inspiration from the Diane Von Furstenberg Spring collection. The juxtaposition of ethnic prints, and floral details is so whimsical, and I am completely obsessed with the headpieces. Obviously, you can DIY the headpieces with some ribbon and faux flowers, but for those who would rather just put down a few bucks for a pre-made piece, I have found 2  fabulous DVF- inspired options. The first is the Gold Dust Flower Headband from Free People. Its pretty gorgeous, no? And for 24 buckaroos, it won't put too big of a dent in your wallet. The next option is a tad more expensive, but handmade from an artist on Etsy (just click to check it out)!  

From your wannabe hippie,


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Space 15 Twenty

Today I checked out Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. This place is amazing. It is a creative 'retail experiment,' where Urban Outfitters is collaborating with new art, literature, and music establishments, as well as other amazing stores, like We The Free and What Comes Around Goes Around. In a gallery-like setting, amazing finds are everywhere- including Free People's new concept store: We The Free. This store is only the third in existence- with an older sister's closet feel. Think distressed denim (yum), studded converse sneaks (i'm in heaven)! If you want to see a truly spectacular and original shopping experience, check out Space 15 Twenty, at 1520 Cahuenga Blvd, in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Kitsune Noir

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goo Goo over GAGA

Lady Gaga's songs are constantly getting stuck in my head, and while shopping, I found myself having her style stuck in my head as well.  The woman has balls- she is a real risk taker. I admire that, but could never walk around in what she wears. Today's Get The Look features pieces that feel like Ms. Gaga, without going overboard. 

photo credit:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is it so bad to covet?

I covet you. 

Jeffrey Campbell Mel Studded Platform  

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Few Favorites

My mind is currently flooded with desires for a romper. My boyfriend thinks I am a little odd because I am occupying my free time stalking all rompers online. It's clothing porn at it's finest. The one I want the most is this little lady from Topshop. I also love this pair of sandals from Tory Burch. They remind me of sting ray skin! Last but not least is the beautiful bracelet by Jill Golden. The cluster of turquoise mixed with the tarnished chain had me from hello. 

Topshop 'one shoulder playsuit': $90.00 -

Tory Burch 'Reid' ankle cuff sandal: $310.00 -

flutter by Jill Golden 'Gracia Natural Turquoise'  bracelet : $350.00 -